skittish (skittish) wrote in maryloulord,


I recently joined this group and I thought I'd say hello. I happened to find it only a few days before Mary Lou Lord was scheduled to play in Ames, IA. I live in Kansas City, and that's only 4 hours away and it was on a weekend. My grandma lives in Des Moines, 45 minutes away, so I didn't have to worry about where to stay. I was very excited, I haven't seen her play in about 5 years and I had just introduced a good friend to her music. We were all set to see her but about 30 minutes outside of Des Moines it started snowing. They kept calling it "flurries," but it was much worse. We got stranded at Grandma's while Mary Lou Lord played 45 minutes away.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share my story. I hope she comes back soon.
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