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The mole

Greetings, all.

I thought I'd join this community to post some memories, musings, and possibly pictures (oh, she'll *kill* me) of Mary Lou. She and I are first cousins (her mother and my mother were sisters) so I have a lot to share about her. If anyone's got any questions off the tops of their heads, I'll be happy to field them.

One of my favorite memories was from many, many Christmases ago. Mary Lou had been living in Seattle, so we hadn't seen her in a while, and when she came home for the holidays, she brought a lot of photo albums with her. Well, you know how exciting it is to look at photo after photo of people and places you don't know, so I was sort of flipping through when she stopped me at one specific pic. It was of her sitting on some guy's lap, some guy with shoulder-length red hair, and they both had big crazy grins on their faces. She said, "That's Kurt Cobain." And of course I said, "Who the hell is Kurt Cobain?" The same thing had happened years earlier when she showed me a picture of herself with some guy named Michael Stipe.

I guess the moral is, if you want your band to be huge, have your picture taken with Mary Lou.
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January 4 2007, 01:08:35 UTC 11 years ago

What year was this,exactly?
Cause,Stipe has been famous since the 80's.